Olessya Designs is a jewelry studio for the powerful, sophisticated, and confident woman.

Through my creativity, my goal is to inspire you and other women out there to:

Olessya Designs is not just a jewelry brand — it is a community of strong and badass women like you who dare to be themselves and who use fashion as an "armor to survive the reality of everyday life," as fashion guru Bill Cunningham once said.

Combining nature inspired elements with bold shapes and eclectic concepts, results in individually created and unique pieces of jewelry that are ready to complement your own personality and style.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Olesea, and I am the artist and creator of Olessya Designs.

I am a dreamer, fashion enthusiast, positive thinker, nature lover, and a creative soul. And I hope that my story and my work will remind you of all that — and more!


When you wear Olessya Designs, you don’t just make a statement, you MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

With each item sold, a percentage is given towards the A21 Organization to end human trafficking and bring freedom across the globe.

When you wear my jewelry pieces, you are giving those girls and so many other survivors a voice. By supporting Olessya Designs, you are celebrating the resilience of these brave women while also actively fighting exploitation and restoring dignity to victims everywhere.


My story starts on a farm where I grew up, in a tiny but beautiful Eastern European country called Moldova, where life wasn’t easy, but an unforgettable adventure for sure. I was always looking forward to escape my busy day and the endless list of chores and sneak out into the attic to play with the kittens, try on my mom's clothes and shoes, read a book or draw random things.

Being limited in the choices I had of toys, my creativity and imagination, combined with hard work and discipline, opened the door to a world that I still like to explore.

My mom was a seamstress and I was always fascinated by her pattern and sketch books that I went through over and over again. I was dreaming of the day when I'd be able to learn how to use her vintage black machine she inherited from grandma, which looked so sophisticated and mysterious to me.

One of my childhood hobbies was making dolls for my younger sisters, which developed into sketching clothes, modifying the clothes I wore and later on getting a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and fashion design.

While exploring the world of art and fashion, accessorizing became an essential part of my style. And that aspect of my style led to a fascination with jewelry, and then to creating my own.

Check out my work here!


I love being freely creative and seeing my ideas come to life.

Every step of the jewelry-making process has its own little story: from the idea, sketching the design, choosing the materials, the techniques used, the final product, the outfit this piece is gonna be part of, and the person who’s gonna wear it… YOU, the hero of my story!

Playing outside in the dirt as a child, working the fields, and spending time in my dad’s shop helping him fix tools and tractor parts got me used to getting my hands dirty.

And it helped me get excited about coming up and not be afraid of trying new techniques, including hammering metal, distressing leather, oxidizing copper, drilling holes, installing rivets, using paint and ink to add an aged look or ethnic symbols & elements to my pieces, or even using needle and thread to make tassels or sew pieces of leather together.

Nature is the source of the materials I love to work with: stones and minerals, metal, wood, leather, bones, and feathers. Combining them with found objects and vintage elements, many of the pieces become one-of-a-kind designs.

While nature defines the color palette and the whole aspect and overall style of my work, YOU — a fearless and powerful woman — are the ultimate inspiration for my designs.

Welcome to my creative space!

Much love,


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